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Spa Chemicals

Purchase Natural Spa Chemicals Online

If you own or maintain a spa, you may be pleased to hear that you can save a lot of time and money when you order your spa chemicals online.

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You can buy spa chemicals online at Spa Services at a great price. We have a wide range of pool and spa chemicals available for purchase and since we can ship throughout the country, no matter where you are in Australia, you can order our inexpensive hot tub chemicals and get them shipped right to your door. We are the most affordable and convenient way to purchase chemicals for your spa.

Choose to Order Portable Hot Tub Chemicals form Spa Services

When you choose to order portable spa chemicals from Spa Services, you will find that we have a great range available. We know that there are different ways that people treat their spas and hot tubs. Because of this, we offer many options when it comes to our available natural spa chemicals. You can buy spa chemicals right from our website at your convenience and keep your spa safe throughout the year. For all of your pool and spa chemicals and supplies, shop online at Spa Services.

  • $180.00 Spa start up kit (Sanitizer, Spa Shock, Alk Incr, Test Strips, N2)
      Out of stock due to Lithium shortage.   For a spa start up kit to be successful it needs too: Contain quality products. Be good value and easy to use. Have no overpowering harsh smell. It's...

  • $52.00 Spa Sanitizer - Lithium Hypochlorite
    Sorry - Out of stock until further notice   The spa sanitizer (Lithium Hypochlorite) kills bacteria and prevents the growth of algae and other contaminants in your spa and hot tub water.  The Lithium is part of...

  • $30.00 Choose Options Spa Shock
    Spa shock will help clear up contaminents that exert a chlorine demand such as body fats and algae (with almost no smell at all). Spa shock oxidises the spa water and your spa will require less chemicals because the...

  • $46.50 Nature 2 Spa Cartridge (Yellow Nature 2 Spa Stick)
    The Nature 2 stick is a natural sanitizer and works hand in hand with the spa sanitizer and spa shock to kill bacteria, stop the growth of algae and oxidise the spa water playing its part to help keep your spa water safe...

  • $22.00 Spa Test Strips (3 in 1)
    Dip the spa test strip into the spa water to test the: Spa sanitizer levels Alkalinity levels pH levels Match the colours on the spa test strip to the side of the test strip container for the following. Spa...

  • $16.00 Choose Options Spa Alkalinity and pH Increaser
    Test the Alkalinity and pH levels with the test strips. If the alkalinity and pH is low then the water is acidic which is no good for bathers and can be corrosive for the spa plumbing and equipment. Simply raise the...

  • $12.00 Choose Options Spa Alkalinity and pH Reducer
    Test the spa water with the spa test strips. If the alkalinity and pH levels are high then use the alkalinity and pH reducer to lower levels in the spa water.  Test spa alkalinity and pH levels of the spa water once a...

  • $14.00 Choose Options Hardness Raiser
    If the hardness levels are low then increase by using the hardness raiser. Check hardness levels (once a week).

  • $8.00 Choose Options Spa and Pipe Cleaner (Cartridge Cleaner)
    Spa and pipe cleaner (cartridge cleaner) will help clean and degrease spa pipes and equipment. Spa and pipe cleaner will also degrease pleated spa filters. Directions: Spa / Hot Tub: Before draining spa / hot tub...

  • $26.00 Choose Options Spa Silk (Moisturizes water)
    Softens and moisturizes the spa water. Helps clear up cloudy water.

  • $22.00 303 AeroSpace Protectant
    303 AeroSpace Protectant can be used to clean, moisturise and protect your spa cover vinyl. 303 Protectant is the worlds most effective UV screening product. Restores and maintaines a like new appearance, texture and...

  • $38.00 Choose Options Bromine Tablets
    To sanitise water and kill bacteria.

  • $50.00 Disposable Filter (900 Square Foot, Filtrates to 1 Micron)
    The disposable filter is compatible with the Arctic and Coyote Spas. The disposable filter is a big help in keeping your spa water crystal clear because it filtrates down to 1 micron. Our customers love the fact you don't...