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Alkalinity and pH increaser

Alkalinity and pH increaser

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  • Low alkalinity means acidic water.
  • Correct levels are important for....
  • Spa heaters.
  • Spa equipment.
  • Spa bathers.
  • Spa plumbing.
  • Spa orings, seals...everything.
  • Easy to test with test strips.
  • Test weekly.

If the alkalinity and pH is low then the water is acidic which is no good for bathers and can be corrosive for the spa plumbing and equipment. Simply raise the alkalinity and pH levels by adding alkalinity and pH increaser.

Testing the spa water with test strips.

  • Lets say you have a 1000 litre spa.
  • You want to raise the alkalinity by 10ppm.
  • Add 1 table spoon (30g) of increaser to the spa water.
  • Easy!!!

If you look on the side of the spa test strips, you will notice the alkalinity is measured in parts per million (ppm).

30g of alkalinity increaser (1 table spoon) will raise the alkalinity by 10ppm for a 1000 litre spa. Determine how many table spoons you need to raise the alkalinity to the correct levels.

Most spas are between 1000 to 2000 litres. 

The correct alkalinity level in the spa water should be approximately 100ppm. 

Test and adjust the Alkalinity and pH levels of the spa water once a week.