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Spa Start Up Kit 1Kg (Lithium)

Spa Start Up Kit 1Kg (Lithium)

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Spa Start Up Kit 

Not currently in stock. Lithium is no longer available in Australia.

  • Spa Sanitizer - Kills bacteria, eliminates algae and contaminants.
  •  Spa Shock - Oxidizes spa water and helps clear up body fats. You will use less chemicals because the spa shock helps keep the spa sanitizer active for longer.
  •  Alkalinity / pH increaser - Stops the spa water becoming acidic by raising and balancing these levels.
  •  Spa Test Strips - Test the spa water with the test strips to help you sanitize and balance the water.
  •  Nature 2 spa stick - Help keep your spa water clear and sanitized 24 hours a day naturally. The Nature 2 spa stick contains natural minerals and works as slow release.